December, 2011

Record Broken at NTB - North Sea Terminal Bremerhaven GmbH & Co. achieves 2.000.000 lifts in 2011. 

January, 2009

NTB is the No. 1 !!! - According to a study published in the Cargo Systems magazine.

Reproduced with the permission of Cargo Systems – www.cargosystems.net

November, 2008

AEOF – Certificate for NTB

NTB is proud to have achieved the AEO Certificate DE, AEOF100741 (full) from the Federal Ministry for Finances.

The AEO certificate is a European certificate of all 27 countries for worldwide active Corporations of all industrial branches. This certificate is granted by the respective country's Ministry of Finance after stringent criteria has been fulfilled.With the assignment of the AEO certificate trustworthiness of NTB is confirmed in the global supply chains.

The AEOF certificate allocated to NTB is the highest level and is effective as of November 20, 2008.