NTB North Sea Terminal Bremerhaven GmbH & Co

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North Sea Terminal Bremerhaven GmbH & Co. (NTB), was founded by the three proprietary companies, BLG Container GmbH, Maersk Deutschland GmbH and Sea-Land Service Inc. in mid-1998. Meanwhile the shares are held at equal parts by the joint venture of BLG and Eurokai, “Eurogate GmbH & Co. KGaA, KG“, and by the “APM Terminals Deutschland Holding GmbH”, the German subsidiary of the global terminal operating company APM Terminals International, a part of the A.P.Möller-Maersk Group. “Eurogate” is represented in Europe at 10 locations. “APM Terminals” operates approx. 50 container terminals worldwide, 12 of which are in North America alone.

In April of 1999 the first container ship was handled at the NTB-owned pier at CT III within the container terminal “Wilhelm Kaisen”. The new “Terminal Operator” experienced a unprecedented upturn in business. 538,382 container units (TEU) were already handled during the first 9 months (short fiscal year) since the commencement of business. This was followed by an enormous increase every year. As of the year 2011 we handled over 3,000,000 TEU.

Today, NTB has at its disposal approx. 1,087.000 sq.m. container space, and more than 6 ship berths for ultra large container vessel. Loading and discharging of containers is done by 18 Super-Post-Panmax container cranes. The extremely fast and efficient container cranes, disposing of a 62.5 m reach of the booms, are able to load or unload even the most remote of 23 containers sitting side-by-side on the decks of the new container vessels of the “Triple-E” category. Surface transportation in the yard is handled by modern diesel-electric 4-high van carriers; these vehicles are able to move over as many as 4 containers stacked on top of each other. One of the highest container handling productivity on the northern continent is achieved by the most modern and efficient terminal IT currently available (Navis SPARCS/EXPRESS). Meanwhile, NTB also is one of the largest handling locations of refrigerated containers worldwide. More than 740 employees handle approx. 45 ships per week at the NTB terminal.

In addition to the over 740 new jobs created since the commencement of business, a large number of jobs have emerged in Bremerhaven, which are directly dependent on NTB activities. For example, approx. 75 GHB employees work on a permanent basis fully integrated in NTB handling. The SWOP GmbH permanently provides NTB with around 50 persons to lash and unlash the deck containers. Over 75 technicians and electricians from external companies are available for repairs and maintenance of large-scale equipment, and the servicing of the refrigerated containers handled at NTB on a daily basis. Additionally, there are numerous other new jobs for people who, for example, work for NTB security services, or who carry out small repairs on ancillary equipment, renew and maintain surface markings, and carry out other work in connection with the container handling, or produce other material resources required for an efficient handling, according to the parameters provided by NTB.

It is a fact that instead of the 176 new employment relationships, originally assumed in July 1998, over 1,000 new jobs (740 NTB + approx. 350 external) have emerged in Bremerhaven during the first ten years following the foundation of NTB (North Sea Terminal Bremerhaven GmbH & Co.).